Sustainable Technologies


Water and energy are seemingly inseparable, with the increasing demand  for electricity, water is being consumed at an alarming rate. On average 2 gallons of water is evaporated per kWh generated, and most of this water is not recovered.  In the United States alone, potable water withdrawal exceeds 400 billion gallons of water per day, and of this volume:

  • 48 percent is used for thermoelectric power generation
  • 34 percent is for agricultural irrigation
  • 12 percent for water used in and around buildings, public supply and wells
  • 5 percent is used for industrial applications

EVAPCO, always at the forefront of water efficient technologies, introduces a water conserving system for the power generation market…the Air Cooled Condenser.  Power plants that incorporate Air Cooled Condensers offer a 95% water savings over traditional evaporatively cooled power plants.

The water saving technology of an Air Cooled Condenser allows the utility flexibility in power plant site locations where water costs are at a premium or water is simply not available.  

Power plants, typically located near water, along with major populations, are not a welcomed site for many.  The Air Cooled Condenser provides the power plant owner the flexibility to remotely locate the power plant so as not to disturb natural habitats, water ways and inhabitants.

Air cooled condensers can be used exclusively or when a minimal supply of water is available in conjunction with EVAPCO’s EvapTech field erected cooling towers for a hybrid cooling system that optimizes water and energy use.

The Air Cooled Condenser and the Hybrid Cooling versions by EVAPCO Dry Cooling provide a sustainable solution for power plant designers.

EVAPCO Sustainability